Have Plans for Conquering the Galaxy?

You've got the perfect plan and a founding team with a long history in the industry.


Countless hours, and dollars, have been spent building the most prolific
product the galaxy has ever seen and an army of followers are
ready to and waiting for your next release.

There are rebels out there
who don't want to see you succeed.


We've been there before.... trust us.

Are you ready for it? Can you fend off their attacks?

That's Where We Come In


At Death Star Security, we've seen how a small issue can become a large one. Let our team of experienced professionals and world class plugins help protect your most important projects.

Our Suite of Plugins Have A Track Record of Successfully Warding Off Attacks


Our suite of plugins will be there to help ward off the worst onslaught and keep your project from blowing up in your face.

"I was under a lot of pressure from upper management to ensure our project was on time and according to plans. Being a family empire, there was a legacy to uphold for our new leadership and they wanted it to be perfect. Death Star Security helped to make sure we not only were successful in our launch but were prepared for what came afterwards."


Top Security Plugins

Storm Trooper
Customer Targeting

Never miss an opportunity with a customer again! With our blockchain based analyzer we track your customers and you'll never again wonder how they barely slip out of your grasp.

Droid Scanner

These ARE the droids you're looking for! Backed by the latest in Artificial intelligence and machine learning our scanner can find help keep bots and droids from filling out your forms.

Exhaust Port SEO

Make your site explode with traffic! We're constantly updating our algorithms to ensure you're always on top of search results. Comes with a money-back guarantee!